Welcome to OSU’s Winter Term Innovation Days series!

Each term at OSU, we set aside two days to help research faculty learn more about the resources available to increase OSU's research impact through the broad adoption of research innovation by society.  

Are you working on a research project that could have societal and economic impact?  Interested in learning about resources available to help develop this research into something that might attract an industry partner or a startup?

Come to this Winter's Innovation Days Series.


Session One: Research Impact Resources 101
January 16 | 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. | MU 109

Learn how engagement in Innovation and Entrepreneurial activities will increase your research impact, can increase industry engagement, increase your odds for competitive grants, lead to more publications and more citations of these publications. 

Learn what resources are available to engage in these activities and how to engage.

Part 1: Hear from Chad Higgins on how his research is moving to market:

  • Why he is trying to commercialize his research pact and why you should consider it, too.   
  • Learn how he has utilized the various resources on campus to support his work, as well as what future resources he hopes to utilize

Part 2: Round table breakouts, meet one-on-one with researchers and resources

  • Learn about the various ways to protect your intellectual property from licensing managers John Sweet and Joe Christison
  • Hear from Chad Higgins, who is working on his own research based startups
  • Discuss the role of innovation and entrepreneurial activities in promotion and tenure with Rich Carter, Professor of Chemistry, Faculty Lead for Innovation Excellence and CEO of Valliscor
  • Listen to the impact innovation and entrepreneurial skill development has affected graduate student, Jenn Amador
  • Find out more about innovation and entrepreneurial training and funding programs from OSU Impact Catalyst Katie Pettinger

Reception follows from 5 - 6


Session Two – Thursday, February 20 | 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. | MU 109

The session is focused on how you can leverage the Federal SBIR/STTR program and other training and funding programs

  • Learn about the SBIR/STTR grant programs from VertueLab’s Leon Wolf
  • Find out from Senior Industry Contracts Manager Chris Stoner Fuller on the new regs that affect the university when it comes to SBIR/STTR
  • Hear from Mark Brady from Business Oregon speak to the State’s Phase 0 program and SBIR/STTR matching program
  • OSU Licensing Manager John Sweet will speak to the OSU resources for researchers
  • The winner of the $5k grant opportunity will be announced

Reception follows from 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.


Innovation Day Award

Application Guidelines

With the Innovation Day Award, one faculty member will be selected to receive an award of up to $5000 to answer a commercial question in the faculty member’s research such as “with this proof, I can confirm that I have unique innovative technology” or “I can confirm which industry will be interested in the outcome of this research.”

In order to eligible to be considered for this award, an applicant must: (1) complete the Innovation Day registration form, (b) attend both Innovation Day dates (January 16 and February 20) and (c) send an email to john.sweet@oregonstate.edu by January 30, 2019 containing an “Idea Pitch” in a PDF file [1 page, 1 in margins, 11 point font, single space] explaining the innovation idea or technology and how you will use the funds.

Here are some additional guidelines for your Idea Pitch:

Idea Pitch Submission Requirements:

Each Idea Pitch should describe the following items:

  • Problem:  Describe a problem that you believe no one has solved very well to date.
  • Market:  Who will benefit most from a solution to this problem?
  • Technology:  How will your new software solution address this problem?
  • Budget:  How do you plan to use the funds to advance your idea?

The winning team can use this $5000 award for activities that will help advance the team’s conception and understanding of market opportunities for deployment of new products and services.  Funds can be used for approved uses such as:  product design and specification; customer discovery (such as visiting and interviewing potential customers and stakeholders); attending trade shows in relevant industries; validation of use cases; patentability research; feasibility studies; proof of principle prototyping; market research; and commercialization plan development.  Funds can also pay for students to perform these activities.

All uses of funds are subject to the winner’s preparation of a final budget to be reviewed and approved by OSU Advantage and the UVDF committee.  Funds may NOT be used: to support faculty or staff salaries other than graduate research assistants; to pay for publication costs; to purchase lab equipment; to fund basic research; or to pay for other costs incurred prior to approval of expenditures.

Questions and Submissions:

Please email all questions and submissions to John Sweet (john.sweet@oregonstate.edu) in the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development (OCCD). 

Deadline for Submission:  January 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM


The Innovation Day Award is made possible by OSU’s University Venture Development Fund (UVDF).  The State of Oregon, through special legislation designed to promote philanthropic donations targeted to commercialization of research at Oregon’s Universities, enabled OSU to create the UVDF to advance innovation at OSU. More details about the UVDF can be found here: http://advantage.oregonstate.edu/funding-opportunities