Research shows that industry connections, patents and commercialization activities provide additional funding opportunities for research, increased research productivity and student success, expanded recognition and tangible societal benefit from the scientific research

[Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 May 6; 111(18): 6542–6547].

Available I&E resources include: 

OSU Advantage leads OSU's industry-sponsored research efforts and the commercialization of OSU innovations by (a) evaluating markets, (b) developing intellectual property protection strategies, and (c) executing research, confidentiality, material transfer, licensing, and other industry agreements. From Oregon-based startups to large international companies, OSU Advantage is the bridge that delivers OSU research to the world. Funding opportunities are available to support student and faculty translation of their research into potential commercial outputs:

  • Advantage Accelerator Innovation Development Fund (AID) seeks proposals to facilitate the further development and commercialization of OSU applied innovations (called AID). Proposals can be submitted for OSU-owned innovations developed by OSU faculty, staff, and/or graduate students in any discipline that require a modest input of funding (from $5,000 to $15,000).
  • University Venture Development Fund (UVDF) aids nascent technologies emerging from university laboratories in becoming commercially viable and helps small technology companies grow in Oregon. The Fund operates on donations, and provides a generous tax incentive to donors.  The purposes of a university venture development fund are to provide: (a) capital for university entrepreneurial programs; (b) opportunities for students to gain experience in applying research to commercial activities; (c) Proof-of-concept funding for transforming research and development concepts into commercially viable products and services. and (d) entrepreneurial opportunities for persons interested in transforming research into viable, commercial ventures that create jobs in this state.
  • The University Innovation Research Fund was established by the Oregon Legislature in 2019 through HB 2377 to support innovation and commercialization of technology that has a direct or potential connection to economic development from Oregon’s public universities and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The Fund can be used as match for federal proposals that require financial match for projects that will support innovation or commercialization of technology at the universities that has a direct or potential connection to economic development. Projects must require a match of at least $250,000 to access the Fund. The Fund is not to be used as match for basic research projects or other projects that do not have a direct or potential connection to economic development. The projects should align with priority industries, such as advanced manufacturing, high technology, outdoor gear and apparel, health care innovation, food and beverage, and forestry and wood products. The Department, after reviewing information from the Council and the Committee, will make the final determination of whether a project is eligible or not. Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis. Read the full call for proposals for criteria and more information here.

OSU Advantage Accelerator is focused on high-growth, traded sector startup and early stage organizations and is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corp (I-Corps) program as an I-Corps Site. In 2017, the OSU Advantage Accelerator was recognized by GUST as the 8th most active business incubators/accelerators in the US in Canada. They offer a unique three-stage approach designed to best assist clients at all stages of growth.

  • Iterate. This hybrid introductory program consists of four workshops that equip clients with a toolkit to evaluate ideas from an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Accelerate. This second stage, ten-week program focuses on product market fit. Each Accelerate client engages in customer and develops a minimal viable product.
  • Launch. This third stage, five-month program designed to make each startup fully operational - from completing the team to developing a repeatable sales model.

Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute (ATAMI) is OSU’s premier academic institute for high impact technology and manufacturing development and to drive economic development in Oregon through (a) research and technology development in new fields originating inside OSU, (b) collaborative technology transfer with industry and startups and (c) effective commercialization resulting in growth and jobs. Located in Building 11 on Hewlett Packard's Corvallis campus, ATAMI's 80,000 sq. ft. facility is a dynamic and highly collaborative environment currently home to the OSU Advantage Accelerator, the RAPID Institute for chemical process intensification, private sector partner tenants and a shared state-of-the-art tooling facility as well as OSU College of Engineering faculty conducting advanced manufacturing processes, methods and materials research.

Impact Studio is where teams of faculty, students and staff develop and launch bold initiatives that advance Oregon State's strategic goals and improve the university's financial strength. Impact Studio is a dynamic venue coupled with best practice approaches for developing ways for Oregon State to respond creatively and nimbly to fast-changing trends in higher education.