Mission Statement

Oregon State University (OSU) strives to turn knowledge into significant economic impact in Oregon and beyond. OSU’s I&E endeavors seek to fuel the creation of new enterprises, products, services and investment with our discoveries and, ultimately, to serve as an engine for widely-shared economic prosperity, improved human welfare, and a healthier planet. These endeavors enable OSU researchers to maximize the impact of their work on society while training the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.


From basic research informed by societal and market need to the formation of new companies and social enterprises through serving as a launching pad for technology transfer, OSU’s I&E ecosystem offers a wide suite of resources to support these endeavors. The positive impact of industry connections, patents and commercialization activities has been documented to: (a) provide additional funding opportunities for research, (b) increased research productivity and student success, (c) expanded recognition and (d) provide tangible societal benefit from the scientific research [Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 May 6; 111(18): 6542–6547].




How to Engage


The OSU Innovation Enterprise has a number of resources for faculty and researchersstudents and OSU alumni and community members.   This is the OSU Advantage.


OSU's Commitment to the Innovation Enterprise

Since its founding as a land grant institution in 1868, Oregon State University is committed to improving the lives of its citizens, the environment and the economy. This manifests itself today through the numerous resources dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) and permeates throughout the four overarching goals of OSU's Strategy Plan:

  • Significant and Visible impact in Oregon and Beyond
  • Preeminence in Research Scholarship and Innovation
  • Transformative education that is accessible to all learners
  • A culture of belonging, collaboration and innovation

Since 2000, OSU's Innovation Enterprise has led to the the creation of 150+ companies, hundreds of jobs, over $11M in revenue, over $300M in follow-on equity investment and over an additional $300M in non-dilutive capital. This demonstrates a minimum economic impact of over $600M to the Oregon economy. 

OSU ranks 1st in Northwest for innovation based on 2019 US News & World Report data and is located in the 2nd most innovated metro area (Corvallis) nationally. The State of Oregon consistently ranks in the top 10 (#7 in 2019 Bloomberg Report) for most innovation states nationally.